The MACOOA™ program is an essential component in our efforts of Rekindling Hope in our youth. This program will help our children look at themselves, their lives, their potential and their future in a more positive way, while enhancing their interest in learning. Enabling them to be more successful competing in the classrooms and in their lives. MACOOA™ will help our youth better understand themselves and the world around them, to aspire for more than what is believed possible, to dream of a better tomorrow and have the tools to make it so. MACOOA™ will instill these beliefs and potential in our children so that they can stop the downward spiral of hopelessness in their lives before it even begins. Forever changing their lives and the lives of Indigenous People everywhere.


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The Indigenous Institute is a nonprofit organization committed to providing aspiring education that assists Indigenous People in achieving their Creator-given potential while enhancing their lives.