The Indigenous Institute has partnered with a privately owned software company to design an innovative new software program called GENERATIONS JOURNEY The software was developed to assist our organization and partnering Tribes in the collection of evidence-based data.

Generations Journey™ will follow our graduates in their journey from first experience with our education through to its long-term positive impact on their future’s and on the community. This software will not only be programmed to collect curriculum-based data, but with guidance and partnership with each individual tribe, it will also be programmed to collect specific community-based data, that will enhance and supplement a tribe's specific needs.

By analyzing the efficacy of our program we can best determine where our participants are succeeding and where they need more attention. Helping us define and refine our future implementation and facilitation process within each tribe. Our Generations Journey™software will be an integral component to the overall success of our organization and the successes of our partnering tribes.