Future Warriors Initiative

The Indigenous Institute is proud to announce the creation of it’s Future Warriors Initiatives. These programs are being specifically developed to help Indigenous youth regain hope and belief in themselves, and aspire for a better tomorrow while achieving their Creator-given potential. Please follow our YOUTH PAGE as we develop and implement these initiatives, and SUPPORT US in our efforts by donating to this cause. Pilamaya! 


The Indigenous Institute Plays Ball!

The Indigenous Institute is excited to announce that Edgar Martinez, former Seattle Mariner All-Star, will be developing and hosting a video series with our President, Jeff Eadie, utilizing the concepts of cognitive and social science. 

When you step up to the plate or onto the field what are you visioning? What conversations and thoughts are occurring in your mind? What is your belief in yourself and in your abilities to succeed? In these educational interactive workshops those questions and more will be explored and discussed - helping current and future athletes reach their full potential. 


Alyssa London joins the Warriors for Hope

We are proud to announce Alyssa London as a host of our Warriors for Hope benefit concert to be held in Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota in the Spring of 2018. 

Alyssa London is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker and radio talk show host, and a graduate of Stanford University. She is also the first Tlingit to win the Miss Alaska USA title on February 4th, 2017. We are honored to have her as a Hope Warrior and look forward to an impactful event.


The Indigenous Institute honored by the Native Circles Group of Coyote Ridge Corrections Center

It was a pleasure to attend the Hope Cafe hosted by Deputy Secretary - WA State Department of Corrections, Jody Becker. Indigenous People are incarcerated at a rate 38% higher than the national average and have the highest rate of recidivism, 42%, than any other ethnic group. These gatherings of like-minded, passionate and dedicated individuals will help us reverse these negative statistics and stop the downward spiral of hopelessness, and replace it with hope. It was also an honor to have our President, Jeff Eadie, accept a drum on behalf of our organization from the Native Circles group of the Coyote Ridge Corrections Center