A generational hopelessness exists within many Indigenous Peoples throughout North and South America. This was brought upon in many instances by the oppressive governmental policies of relocation, confinement and forced assimilation. This conditioning has led to widespread despair as defined by the following statistics regarding Indigenous Nations within the geographic boundaries of the United States:

  • Indigenous People represent less than 2% of the population but we make up 8% of those who are homeless
  • It is not uncommon to find the unemployment rate on many of our reservations at over 50%
  • Indigenous People die at 62% higher rates of suicide than other North Americans
  • The poverty rate for many Indigenous Peoples is at 25% - 1 in 4 people
  • Indigenous People are incarcerated at a rate 38% higher than the general population
  • Life expectancy of our People is over 5 years less than the general population
  • Almost 20% of all Indigenous deaths are alcohol-related – compared with less than 5% for most general populations

We believe our education will reverse this generational downward spiral of hopelessness and replace it with hope. Our programs will lead the way.

Our program participants have shown measurable increases in these thought patterns:

  • HOPE, over a 16% increase
  • ESTEEM, over a 15% increase
  • FUTURE ORIENTED THINKING, over a 15% increase

The increase in these thought patterns will not only have a positive effect on individuals, but in their communities as well. We believe these increases will directly result in the decrease of suicide rates, unemployment rates, homelessness rates, addiction rates, poverty rates and incarceration rates of Indigenous People.

The delivery of this education will promote meaningful and lasting growth by replacing the downward spiral of hopelessness with hope. What would a 16% increase of hope look like in an Indigenous community today? It would look like a people with a renewed sense of promise – with the belief that their dreams of a better tomorrow can indeed become a reality.